The decision to grow Clivias

Paul’s decision to start breeding clivias and grow substantial numbers in order to establish them along the river courses on their farm was largely influenced by an almost fatal accident on South Africa’s border with Mozambique and a realisation that one must never put off a dream for retirement. While performing official duties as a veterinarian on an international border, investigating cross border cattle rustling, the South African Defence Force, assuming that Paul was trying to smuggle a luxury vehicle across the border into Mozambique, opened fire on him. Thirteen bullets ripped through his vehicle on both sides of his body, one grazing his head. Paul was captivated by Margot McNeil and Ansie Le Roux’s extensive clivia collections in forested areas of their farms in Legalametse and Levubu. Two natural dongas on either side of their home provide an ideal habitat for 20 000 clivias. Ultimately Paul and Sue aim to re-establish 200 000 clivias, representing all six species of the genus Clivia in their garden and in canopied areas of their farm. Paul is now a retired veterinarian whose love of animals is only equalled by his love of indigenous plants and trees. His wife, Sue has recently retired from a rewarding career in education. Paul and Sue have both been very fortunate to have toured Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Holland, Japan, China and the USA in search of interesting and prized clivias, many of which are now proudly displayed in their garden and shade houses. Their lives have been enriched by the many wonderful, interesting, generous and hospitable clivia breeders, growers and enthusiasts whom they have met during the last few years. They welcome you to make an appointment to visit their Clivia Kingdom, so you, too, can experience its charm.

paul-and-SueSue & Paul